Jungle Gym is the first of its kind in Duluth. Never before has there been a place you can get a boxing workout any time, any day, around the clock. I can’t tell you how many times I heard potential gym members tell me that my boxing hours don’t match up with their availability. It saddens me to have them walk away because of gym hours. In a way, I feel like I’m letting them down. The 24/7 availability is what I’m most excited to launch.

Second, I believe everyone should feel comfortable defending themselves if they had to and everyone should be in good enough physical shape to physically survive hardship, they had to. That’s what we’re about here, teach everyone to fight and give everyone a foundation to live a healthy life.

The backbone of Jungle Gym is teaching the art of boxing. It’s what we’re good at and have a long tradition of success. Along with that is developing grit within our members, and teach them how to live out the way of the champion. Something unique about Jungle Gym is it’s not my gym. It’s OUR gym. It belongs to all the members that make up the community within it. Jungle Gym is more than a physical place. It’s a culture. A culturethat teaches the value of healthy competitiveness and the rewards of achieving goals.

The word Jungle is a metaphor I like to use to describe life. Life is random at best and we need to be ready for the unexpected. Not just in self-defense, but just trying to get ahead and provide for our families.

The bridge between reality and your dreams is WORK and we are hear to help you do that.

Join today and begin the journey of reaching your full potential.