Parkinson’s Boxing Class

Jungle Gym PBC is a light fitness boxing class designed to help members of all ages combat the progression of Parkinson’s disease. Exercise is one of the most powerful ways to help treat Parkinson’s disease. Many people ask for the best kind of exercise to help fight off their their symptoms. Some prefer the fitness benefits of tai chi, yoga, or dancing. At Jungle Gym we use boxing and we think it’s the best!!! We look forward to working with you.

Class time: Wednesdays 9-10:00 AM

  • Membership includes 24/7 Gym access
  • $150 Jungle Gym PBC

About your instructor:

Zach Walters has a 4-year degree in Phycology from UMD and has been teaching boxing since 2010. He has coached several nationally ranked boxers as well as trained professional boxers. In his prime, Zach Walters was ranked #12 in the world as professional boxer and was a Golden Gloves Champion.