Jungle Gym Boxing Academy

This monthly membership is designed for competition boxers of all ages and experience levels. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience. If you want to compete, this is where you learn to do it right. The classes are run by Zach Walters and Mike Bockovich. These two have been all over the nation with their boxers and love to bring out the champion within you.

Part of that success is an academic approach to teaching the art of boxing. They teach all boxers the way of the champion where boxers learn the essence of continual improvement and pushing their limits. Whether in training, or competition, boxers are trained to give their best. With competition we win or we learn. The only responsibility of the boxer is to be ready to compete at their best. The result of winning is never guaranteed. What is guaranteed is each boxer is ready to compete at their personal best!

Not all boxers will become champions, but while they are under our supervision, they will learn to embrace a spirit of consistently giving their best work in and out of the ring. Our coaches have taught the Art of Boxing for over a decade. Within that time, they have helped boys grow into men and become champions.

Jungle Gym Boxing Academy is an unforgettable experience. Our coaches know the journey to becoming a champion. Mike Bockovich is a 2-Time Golden Gloves Champion. Zach Walters was a Golden Gloves Champion and won several championships as a professional boxer. They have a proven method how to lead their boxers to their best work.




Meet the Coaches

Zach Walters
Personal Trainer & Coach
Mike Bockovich
Terrance Walker
Boxing Coach

Terrance coaches all the classes and serves as the primary coach for the 8:00 PM Boxing Academy Class. Terrance has a great boxing sense and loves to push boxers to become their best. His fundamental training philosophy is “Hard work makes winners.”

Alissa Boltz
Boxing Coach

Alissa coaches all classes and serves as the primary coach of the 7:00 PM Cardio Boxing Class. Alissa has been to numerous national tournaments and knows what elite level boxing looks like. She has a passion for helping others experience the fitness benefits of boxing. Alissa also serves as a board member on the Golden Gloves board of directors and helps out as a boxing official at local boxing events.